Fall in love with reading. All over again.


Navigating is easy. Flick through articles, just like in the iPad's photo app. Don't think of Read as a feed browser, think of it as a book with chapters.


Going through articles is an estimated 170% faster than regular browsing. Since all the clutter is gone, Read will only load the most important stuff: content.


Read comes pre-loaded with the best sources, spanning over a wide variety of categories. You can easily add your own sources & manage favorites.


Adjust the font size, column width & finally enjoy reading in the dark; with night mode. Look up forgotten words instantly, with the iOS 5 dictionary.


Enabled with Clear Read, all the clutter just gets out of the way. You are presented with a clean & immersive reading view.


Add articles to Instapaper & Read it Later. Share interesting content via Twitter or Email. No matter what, you stay in control.